For nearly five years I’ve been providing weekly tidbits of inspiration and wisdom to a growing tribe of FLASHPOINTS followers…many of whom offer regular feedback on how a particular message has moved them, or ignited their spirit to take action towards their dreams.Testimony - Darry Hardy1

As I’ve traveled around the country in recent years, I’ve been impressed to learn how entrepreneurs, CEOs, athletes, politicians and leaders have used my weekly FLASHPOINTS to inspire personal and professional growth; and as a training tool for staff meetings and team member development. I’ve heard from many FLASHPOINTS readers that they regularly post the messages on bulletin boards, or in prominent locations above their desks…and they’ve often shared how they’d like to see the weekly email messages more frequently, or have them printed in a journal format. Well, we’ve taken those requests and turned it up a notch or two.

Testimony - Ron O2

In addition to including weekly FLASHPOINTS in the email blasts that I send out for BROUGHTONadvisory, the daily journal you’re holding offers a different FLASHPOINTS message each Monday through Friday, with a daily Reflections and Intentions section of thought-provoking questions to help us find mental and emotional clarity. Each week is wrapped up with Weekly Reflections on Saturday, while each week is launched with a Weekly Intentions for goal setting each Sunday. Feel free to jot down your thoughts related to the daily message, but take note that there are no lines on which to write your answers to the questions.

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Knowing the power that comes from starting each day with a morning routine and emotional tune-up, I’ve been humbled and inspired by those who have shared with me how they’ve incorporated FLASHPOINTS into their own daily routines. So, with your new FLASHPOINTS for achievers daily journal in hand, I encourage you to find a comfortable place in your home to start each day with a moment of meditation, prayer and reading. After reading the corresponding FLASHPOINTS, record your reflections and intentions in the daily journal, and revisit your morning thoughts throughout the day to stay on track.

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The most powerful way to use this journal is to identify the week of the calendar year we’re in, and read the corresponding day’s FLASHPOINTS. Since we’re all built for community, you can take heart that thousands of fellow achievement seekers around the country will be reflecting on the same message each day along with you. We’re on this journey together. If you need help identifying which week we’re in during the calendar year, simply visit for a countdown calendar at the top of the page.

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Since none of us can find enduring significance in life as a lone wolf, I’ll be on the achievement journey with you… reading and reflecting on the same daily message as the rest of the FLASHPOINTS tribe. Because I get a kick out of inspiring others, and one of my personal goals is to live a life of authenticity and transparency, I’ll be providing a weekly podcast where I’ll share my victories, disappointments, challenges, and lessons each week. I’ll let you know what worked, and what didn’t; what I’ve learned and how I plan to improve.

Now do something significant and GO-GET-‘EM!!