FPFA026: Week 34 Review-Being Honest with Yourself

Our FLASHPOINT of the week is Thursday’s: “Don’t let yourself go because everybody cries and everybody hurts sometimes.” We talk about being honest with yourself and our tip of the week is how to do it! Week 34 is history but let’s learn from it!

Impactful FLASHPOINT(s) of the Week:

Being honest with yourself: Don’t we all love an open, honest conversation? One where we can say what’s really on our minds? But it takes backbone to let the ego get pummeled for a time when we ask for feedback. That conversation, when delivered with tough love, can be the most rewarding one of our lives. The truth can hurt, and it takes a big person to receive it with humility, give it due consideration, and follow up with action. Of course, we shouldn’t allow just anyone to do this—it must be someone who really “gets” us, who understands both our plight and our plans. Find a candid, forthright mentor, and you’ll have this depth of relationship. How well does your mentor speak truth into your life? What question do you wish they’d ask?

Topics discussed – gratitude and risk taking:

  • The FLASHPOINT of the week, which was Thursday’s, although we did talk about Monday’s (you can get it by clicking here)
  • Do the hard right over the easy wrong.
  • Many people get energy from verbal affirmations, so recognize that and give them those words!
  • A more powerful question at the end is “What do I hope they don’t ask?”
  • Most of us DON’T want honest communication – we want to live in a flowery haze. So to live like the FLASHPOINT implies, to go up to someone and ask “How I’m doing?”, is really hard.
  • It’s easy to go to Uncle Fred and ask, but it’s critical to ask someone who can give you the right kind of feedback.
  • We must have mentors in our lives to go from success to significance.
  • The 1st responsibility for any leader is to define reality for yourself and the team.
  • Our lives improve only when we take chances – and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves.” – Walter Anderson
  • Reality is ONLY RIGHT NOW! It is not the past
  • “You’ve been criticized for years, and that hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens!” – Louise Hays
  • The more honest you are, the more free you are.
  • To start with, be honest in small doses. Build it up like a muscle.
  • Reality is your friend.

Tip of the Week – being honest with yourself:

  • Here are the 5 steps Larry recommends:
    1. Prepare to write. Get a pen and paper and ask these questions: “What questions do I hope people don’t ask me?”, “Why am I doing this _______?”, “What is it that I don’t want my best friend to know about me?”, “What’s my next step – what am I gonna do next now that I know this?”
    2. Seek assistance. Get someone who is a seasoned mentor, therapy, support group, pastor, etc. There’s got to be someone in our life who knows EVERYTHING about us!
    3. Keep coming back – it works! Keep doing the work, keep doing these tips. When it gets difficult, don’t run the other way. Remember, the struggle makes us smaller.
    4. Play the movie forward. Ask “What would it be like if I were a little more honest, or honest in this area of my life?”

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