FPFA024: Week 31 Review-How to build a world class team

Our FLASHPOINT of the week is Thursday’s: “Be bold. Be courageous. Live a more fulfilled life.” We talk about courage, digging deep, and our tip of the week is how to build a world class team. Week 31 is now done – congratulations!

Impactful FLASHPOINT(s) of the Week:

If you’ve been blessed to see courage in action, you’ve recognized that the lives of the courageous are punctuated with greatness, and they possess an air of confidence that’s intoxicating. Of the mother who, to free her trapped child, lifts her vehicle (while in the absence of fear she could barely budge its weight); or when the meek finally throw off the chains of his aggressor, do we call them weak? Pull back the curtain and we’ll recognize that it’s courage that provides the wisdom to be humble and sustains us on our journey toward our dreams. We may not always be right and we may not always win, but we have the chance to try again tomorrow. Where are you able to dig deep, be bold, and try again?

Topics discussed – courage and digging deep :

  • The FLASHPOINT of the week, which was Thursday’s.
  • The “SpeakEasy” dinner series was announced, the 2nd Wednesday of every month. Keep your eyes and ears open!
  • This is one of the most important FLASHPOINTS of the year! Because we can get sucked into living a life of mediocrity due to fear.
  • Integrity is impossible without courage. And we must dig deep on just about any goal that’s worthwhile to achieve, and that requires courage.
  • We have everything inside of us to achieve what we want.
  • If you want a juicy peach, you’ve got to give it what it needs, the right fuel. If we want to be great people, we’ve got to feed ourselves what’s needed, the right nutrients, the training, the disciplines.

Tip of the Week – how to build a world class team:

  • How to build a world class team:
    1. Hire people with the appropriate strengths and get people to work in those strengths.
    2. Develop a culture of entrepreneurship and accountability.
    3. Give people time off, space, and some flexibility.
    4. Have strategic team retreats, as often as two days each session, twice a year, to develop a culture of trust and teamwork. At least do an afternoon if you’re just getting started.
    5. Offer continual and constant feedback. The results of the annual performance review shouldn’t be a surprise to a team member. Inspect what you expect, and catch people doing something right!

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  • anne

    David and Larry,

    This podcast was tremendous!
    Living outside the comfort zone with courage a fierce focus and in the present is where life begins!
    Thank you again for sharing your truths. I lived for years in the the stories made up in my head – of conversations that haven’t happened yet. WOW! Living in the present is where fear and worry cannot expand. It’s never as bad as we make it out to be.

    Thank you both for the effort and wisdom in week 31 🙂


    • David

      You’re very welcome, Anne! I really appreciate your comments, too!

      Thanks again,