FPFA025: Week 33 Review-Risk Taking & Gratitude

Our FLASHPOINT of the week is Friday’s: “Risk nothing, gain nothing, be nothing.” We talk about gratitude and delve into risk taking: identifying, evaluating, and managing risk, which is also our tip of the week! Welcome to week 33!

Impactful FLASHPOINT(s) of the Week:

Risk Nothing, gain nothing, be nothing. Gratitude and Risk Taking

Topics discussed – gratitude and risk taking:

  • The FLASHPOINT of the week, which was Friday’s.
  • Dave started doing a Gratitude routine in the evening, and finds he wakes up in the morning lots more positive!
  • Larry says one of the most important elements of success is an attitude of gratitude, and it helps to have a gratitude journal, to develop a spirit of gratefulness.
  • Lots of very frank talk about life relative to this, including suicide.
  • As time goes, as you do this, you will start getting more specific in the things you’re grateful for. And it’s OK when you do this every day, to get repeats.
  • Alot of high achievement is risk taking! But it is “calculated” risk taking that leads to success, where the level of risk is analyzed, planned for, and prepared for.
  • We announced the winner of our drawing to those attending Larry’s talk to the Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC) and registering on our yoogozi website. The prize was a free hotel stay at the Moment hotel in Los Angeles!

Tip of the Week – risk taking: evaluation and managing:

  • Use the acronym SCOFF for evaluating the level of risk, and in the podcast we give some examples.
    Family (in here add health)
  • How to methodically analyze, assess and deal with Risk.
    1) identify potential risks surrounding the project or endeavor
    2) assess likelihood this will happen
    3) understand how to respond should these events happen
    4) develop and put systems in place to deal with consequences of the events
    5) monitor effectiveness of your risk management approach and systems
  • Don’t do all of this analysis and preparation as a lone wolf – get other people’s perspective!

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