FPFA027: Week 35-how to expand your network

Our FLASHPOINT of the week is Tuesday’s: “Both greatness and mediocrity are self-imposed. Choose wisely.” We talk about leadership and how to expand your network of contacts. Welcome to the week 35 review!

Impactful FLASHPOINT(s) of the Week:


Topics discussed – leadership:

  • The FLASHPOINT of the week, which was Tuesdays.
  • Larry and Dave talked about their own difficulties in scheduling margin in their lives – ugh! But we know we should have margin days and even just some hours. Schedule to only 70% capacity is our advice – we’ll try to take it!
  • Larry mentioned the entire BroughtonHotel team went on a 2-day strategic retreat, revisiting their core values, mission, and each leader reviewed the last year and talked about the next year. It really increased the level of comraderie.
  • If you’re a leader, be engaged into what’s going on in your team member’s lives.
  • Ask yourself this question: In what areas of life have you settled for mediocrity?
  • A good attitude won’t guarantee victory, but a bad attitude will guarantee defeat. And it’s not win or lose, it’s win or learn.
  • At a minimum, you lead yourself. Hold your own strategic retreat.
  • Nobody grants us a position of leadership – we aren’t often or annointed. Real leadership is collective, imperfect, non-glamourous, and ongoing. Leadership is voluntary – don’t wait to be given the chance.
  • People are really waiting for us to step in to be a leader to solve a problem, to volunteer.
  • Trust yourself in your ability to marshall people around you to accomplish something great!
  • Why not look back on your life and journal about the successes in your life? How did you do it? What happened as a result? We have to reflect on our successes! And you’ll find out you stepped out into the unknown, and your life was up-leveled. You must be intentional about your life to do this.
  • Don’t DEFINE yourself by the dark seasons; let them REFINE you.
  • But to rally people around us, we’ve got to have built up some relational capital and our emotional bank accounts.
  • Put time in your calendar to do this – schedule this.

Tip of the Week – How to expand your network of contacts, your sphere of influence?

  • Brad Spencer: Exponential Networking. Every time he creates a great relationship with someone, a couple of weeks into it he asks them for an introduction to the 5 favorite people they work with. Creates a spider web of relationships.
  • Be clear on this: wait until AFTER you’ve created that create relationship. AFTER you’ve served.
  • You build a great relationship by serving and giving, not taking.
  • Actively start writing your own blog or someone else’s blog.
  • Join associations – get out there.
  • Start speaking or develop panel discussions, thereby building relationships with guests and panel members.
  • Be active on social media sites – provide content, especially Linked in.
  • Step into leadership opportunities that present themselves – you’re network will grow quickly.
  • Attend a conference in your area, and volunteer to help.
  • Go to meetup.com and join a group.

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