FPFA028 Week 36: Push Through Fear and ToDo list tips

Our FLASHPOINT of the week is Monday’s: “Push through fear to reach the other side” We discuss fear, techniques to break through, and our tip of the week is setting up your todo list for better success! Week 36 was amazing!

Impactful FLASHPOINT(s) of the Week:

Push through fear to reach the other side.

Topics discussed – fear:

  • The FLASHPOINT of the week, which was Monday’s.
  • Separate your Facebook life – keep a personal page and only allow people you know on it, and create a business page open to all.
  • Fear is the most significant disability we have, and keeps us from meeting our true potential.
  • Ask yourself these questions to help it dissipate:
    – envision what’s on the other side of the fear, what you’ll see when you push through it
    – what will I learn on the other side of the fear?
    – what will I be able to accomplish on the other side of the fear?
    – what will I be able to bring to the world on the other side of the fear?
  • Remember, we’re talking about managing the fear
  • The sooner we will face it, the sooner we can accomplish what we want, and the sooner we won’t have to stop re-living it.
  • It’s kind of like mold in a house; it will continue to grow until you do something about it.
  • Sometimes the root of our fear is the lack of self-acceptance
  • Some great readings from the book “The Trick to Money is Having Some”, by Stuart Wilde.
  • Sometimes we will just have to turn off our mind, SCREAM, and the RUN into our fear to get over it.
    – Dave talks about a great movie with a scene that displays running into your fear: http://www.hallmark.com/online/hall-of-fame/remember-sunday.aspx

Tip of the Week – some good ways to handle your ToDo list

  • Read Thursday’s Flashpoint. You can see it on yoogozi here: http://yoogozi.com/flashpoints/week-36-thursday/
  • Prioritize your list of ToDos into A, B, C levels
  • The A ones are what will drive you forward in your goals and/or the urgent items you just HAVE to get done that day.
  • The B’s are next in priority
  • The C’s are more nice-to-have or can be done later.
  • Don’t do any B’s or C’s until the A’s are done.
  • Only list 3 in the A and B category. This will force you to prioritize.
  • Larry mentioned “Yuck-bucket Monday”. Take time to just do these yucky things, so that the rest of the week feels really great!
  • Also remember to define your To-Don’ts.

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