FPFA029 Week 37: Benefits of saying thank you

Our FLASHPOINT of the week is Friday’s: “Forward this on to 10 people … and something great will happen to you tomorrow.” We talk about the scientifically proven benefits of saying thank you, and how to get a raise! Here we are at week 37 – it’s done!

Impactful FLASHPOINT(s) of the Week:

I don’t believe those emails we often receive, telling us that we need to forward the message to at least 10 people or something grave will happen in the next 24 hours. It’s simply not logical … and really, I’m a bit of a risk taker, anyway, so bring it on! The message may be nutty, but maybe there’s some merit to the method. When was the last time we told our associates, clients and team that we appreciate them and the role they play in our lives? What if we sent a cheery “how are you?” email, without the chainmail sub-text, and we actually received that “something great” that’s meant to be happening to us tomorrow, after all? Do you dare to send out 10 thank you messages today?

Topics discussed – the benefits of saying Thank You:

  • The FLASHPOINT of the week, which was Friday’s.
  • Reminder for people to go to yoogozi.com and you’ll find articles to help you out in leadership, entrepreneurship, service, team building, etc.
  • A good way to set boundaries on your life is to be clear on what your mission, vision, and core values are, and run new opportunities through them.
  • It’s so important as leaders to touch your team members in a variety of different ways: in their workspace, memos, videos, etc. Larry gets people in one room in a casual setting and has a “fireside chat”.
  • Remember, reality is your friend.
  • All of the FLASHPOINTS this week were much more overt about leadership.
  • How often to we say thank you to our clients, or our vendors? Or even the person at the front desk at the gym?
  • Scientific studies have proven that there will be increased productivity simply by saying thank you (specifically). So consider it as an investment!
  • Sending out 10 might be alot. How about in the coming week send out just ONE thank you. And if that works, send out TWO.
  • Remember, the opportunities to do this are all around you.

Tip of the Week – how to get a raise 

  • How to get a raise or to have a better relationship
    1. Show up and have an attitude of “and them some”. Do a little more than what is expected of you.
    3. Have a good attitude.
    3. Be a problem solver. Don’t be just be a problem identifier.
    4. Say thank you. Say it to your supervisors, managers, colleagues, friends, everyone. And be specific in your thank yous.

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